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Company Culture Trumps Salary (*Almost) Every Time


Laurie West Blog showing the importance of company culture

Company Culture Trumps Salary (*Almost) Every Time

With the rise of digital technology, the competition for ‘tech’ developers continues to grow. Companies have had to adapt their recruitment approach and even their company culture in order to attract the best people; talented individuals who, with their skills in such high demand, can have their pick of jobs.

In the world of the developer it truly is a candidate’s market. Of course these employee-focused improvements - geared towards well-being - are enjoyed by the entire workforce, not just the developers.

“It’s never been easier to jump on a laptop and work remotely.”

Another aspect compounding the pressure on companies to evolve their employee proposition, is the ease at which people can set up their own businesses. Agile workspaces are springing up all over London and the UK and there was a record 5.5 million private-sector businesses at the start of 2016. It’s never been easier to jump on a laptop and work remotely. All this flexible working can allow for a lifestyle more accommodating to people’s lives beyond their time at work.

 “more people are prizing company culture and work-life balance.”

Human Resources Lead Marketing Campaigns

Traditionally, larger companies have employed internal marketers to act as the messengers between employees and the senior staff, communicating brand messages, engaging people and making them feel an important part of a wider whole. With so many digital marketing channels and competing brand voices, the pressure on employers to be authentic in their employee communication is high.

However there is a growing trend in which HR teams have become more instrumental in the strategy and delivery of internal employee marketing campaigns.


One notable US organisation American Express Open Forum enables its employees to write and share content in a public forum, facilitating an open-dialogue on topics that matter to their people, not just the brand. This ‘authenticity’ may have wider implications for the brand relationship with consumers, as more and more tune out consumer brand messaging.


By creating a platform for actual employees to have a voice, the goal is to create real value to prospective hires and overall employeebrand perception.

Whilst a salary which reflects one's expertise is important, more and more people are prizing company culture and work-life balance. Leadership, wellbeing, giving something back, personal growth (learning and development), relationship with management, teamwork, community, fairness, social conscience; all have their part to play in the make-up of a compelling company and community.