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Our Services

All our consultants are specialists with deep understanding of the digital marketplace. Our industry experts constantly engage with the digital community, building their knowledge, adding value and picking up top talent to represent. We meet all the candidates we recommend and take the time to understand their core motivations. This leads to a thorough internal screening process, including challenging interview techniques and talent advisory, creating a dedicated community of digital talent available to meet your needs.

Permanent hires

This solution reacts quickly to your individual hiring needs, so whether it’s a staff member leaving or your team is growing, we are ready to help.

This process is usually contingency-led, and we like to do things the right way by meeting you in person so we understand your needs. We create a detailed brief, agree a marketing plan and tap into our vast network of digital talent to send you the best people to fill your role. We tend to work exclusively with most of our clients: experience tells us that this gives you the best chance of success.

Contract/ Freelance

Whether you are in need of a star freelancer, a contractor who can start immediately or a senior interim solution, our specialist temp consultants have a talented pool of candidates who are ready to help right away.

We work with you quickly so that your business doesn’t suffer. Our consultants have gathered a select pool of candidates who are available on short notice, are trusted, have a good reputation and can produce for our clients.

Project Based Hiring

In a highly competitive market, recruiting for a digital hire in your team can seem easy, however, finding the right person can be more of a challenge. Looking for multiple ‘right’ candidates for a number of digital positions only increases the difficulty you will face.

No matter what recruitment approach you take, it’s going to cost money. With multiple positions to fill the costs can easily stack up. Our project based hiring process will charge a reduced fee alongside a retainer-based agreement. To put this into context, if you are looking at multiple digital hires, you will typically save 40% in total compared to normal agency fees.

Most volume-based recruitment models typically work on a 2-year set contract. In reality, there are periods where you want to focus on hiring and times where you want to focus your efforts elsewhere, but these contracts do not offer you that flexibility. You can ‘turn us off and on’ as your digital recruitment needs change, which means you only ‘turn us on’ when you really need to accelerate your hiring and ‘turn us off’ when the campaign has finished.

Executive Search

Experience tells us that the marketplace is a lot narrower at the senior end, which leads to huge challenges attracting c-suite level hires within digital. These individuals are often happily employed and not actively seeking a new position. Our directors have combined experience of over 25 years supporting clients with retained hiring and are more than happy to submit a proposal to support you with attracting these critical hires.

We are used to working on a discreet basis to maintain confidentiality and work in your best interests. We have the experience and understanding in managing complex hiring campaigns to a successful outcome. Our methodology is detailed in your initial proposal, which includes targeted headhunting, tapping into our wide network and using a dedicated research team to support your project.